Felder und Information

The German group met on 25 and 26 March in Bad Sulza a small town next to Weimar, last years European cultural capital. General theme of the meeting was "Fields and Information". The objective was to get closer to an understanding of the nature of fields we talk about and the information they can carry. Stephan Krall gave an introductory presentation on classical fields like electromagnetic, magnetic and gravitational ones versus new fields like morphic and radionic fields, aura and others. A special focus was on the importance of quantum physics for our discussion. The thesis was formulated that quantum physics can play an important role as a bridge between classical physics and frontier science science. Volker Jonas presented together with his co-worker Robert Gansler a new interesting immaterial field theory with links to C.G. Jungs writings. At the end of the day Werner Held reported about his work on cognition theory with a possible explanation in quantum physics. All three presentations have been intensively discussed.

The second day started with a presentation of Karl-Heinz Loske, an experienced ornithologist, on the migration of swallows from Europe to Africa. He compared the conventional theory, based on genetic programmes with a possible explanation on the basis of morphic fields and resonance after Sheldrake. His more than 25 year long studies on swallows made Karl-Heinz more and more sceptic whether the fantastic orientation of swallows can only be explained by genetic programmes. His presentation was followed by a new topic, introduced by Bernhard Harrer: the brain and its thinking. He presented several case studies specially  on near death experience and in particular the one of Pam Reynolds (www.near-death.com). A very interesting and controversial discussion followed about the nature of spirit and thinking. We felt that this theme could and should be followed up in a next meeting.

The two days in a small group left enough space to discuss intensively each of the presentations and other inputs of participants. The place Bad Sulza offered as well excellent facilities to relax specially the liquid sound bath, a hot springs pool under a wooden dome with a Mandala at the roof top and classical music to listen specially under water.